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Alcohol Compliance

Our highly insightful consultants understand the vital aspects of how alcohol ordinances relate to the needs of your community. With over 30 years of experience, we can tailor a program focused on the needs of your situation that demonstrates how the ordinances impact everyone.

No matter what you do, alcohol ordinances affect you. Learn from the leader of this area and be better prepared with easy-to-understand our program and application.

We make it easier and more successful for:

Alcohol Compliance for Local Governments

Utilizing a proven process, Marchman has helped local governments improve alcohol compliance rates from the national average of 72% to over 95% for three years. Services can include conducting an environment scan of the community, providing a legal language for amending ordinances, facilitating forums for business owners, and establishing the training programs to be required to obtain licenses and permits that are tailored for the community, not a generic initiative from a webinar. Every community is personal and unique, as these services should be.

Alcohol Compliance for Restaurants, Bars, and Retailers

Incorporating experience as a bartender and in a liquor store into the courses, Marchman can help attendees understand “why” the course is more important than just meeting a requirement to obtain a license or permit. The courses are tailored for each community and the ordinances enforced by the local government and provide the standard observations of customers over-consuming. However, it is the ability to help participants develop a deeper understanding of observations and actions to be taken with the customer and the necessary steps to document the incident to help insulate the individual and business.

Following are some examples of how Marchman can assess your establishment.

  • In-store training
  • Compliance
  • Methods to avoid vicarious liability
  • Forms to assist with proper documentation

Alcohol Compliance for Law Enforcement

Utilizing our experience as an officer and Master Instructor in a state law enforcement academy, we can provide agencies and officers with practical instruction regarding the alcohol ordinances, an overview of steps businesses are being encouraged to implement, and how to utilize fundamental community policing techniques while solving problems on scene. In addition to classroom instruction, we can offer opportunities for ride-along for officers to witness the process in action. Lastly, we can assist with creating positive public relations for the agency about implementation and compliance checks.

Alcohol Compliance for Community Programs

For local initiatives such as the Drug-Free Community initiative, Marchman Consultant can assist with helping with conducting environmental scans, facilitating meetings, build awareness, and present proven programs that can help lower underage drinking rates.

Taking it beyond compliance:

Do not just implement a program to meet ordinance/compliance requirements. Let us help you develop programs that work, solve community problems, teach instead of a lecture, create sustainability, that the community embraces, and wins awards. Yes, we help you go beyond mere compliance

Alcohol Compliance

Implementing a Responsible Alcohol Sales and Service Initiative.

Program Development

A consultant to local government entities to assist with grant and program development and implementation.


Assisting leaders in decision-making that benefits the community and makes the most sense.

Domestic Violence

Building and analyzing Accountability Courts in the areas of Family Violence, DUI, Drug, and Mental Health

Alcohol & Hazing Programs

Developing alcohol and hazing programs for school campuses and assisting in implementation.

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