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About Derek

Derek Marchman brings more than 34 years of experience in innovative problem-solving. His projects have benefited from a proven process for identifying root causes, facilitating effective planning, employing evidence-based practices, winning grant awards, implementing initiatives, providing evaluation, and creating sustainability. Derek utilizes experience gained from working as a laborer for Georgia Power, an Account Executive for a direct marketing firm, a certified officer and public safety master instructor, and a Deputy Director and Director of state agencies in Georgia.

His process has been utilized for programs to become the standard on local, state, and federal levels. Derek’s process has been recognized by the 1996 Olympic Committee; the Motorola Georgia Association of Police Chiefs Innovative Program for an underage drinking program; the Georgia Trend Magazine’s Georgia County Excellence Award for a court initiative; one of 6 sites selected by the White House nationally for a Homicide Prevention Initiative; and the Georgia Commission of Family Violence’s Task Force of the Year for a rebooted local task force. Nevertheless, if the level of dollars garnered is your measure of success, then the 470 million dollars awarded to his programs may help.

However, it is his lectures and training that create the motivation for innovative leadership. It does not matter if it is an audience of 4,000 or a small board retreat seeking to develop a deeper understanding of leadership roles and elements of an organization. Whether it’s developing a new program and rebooting existing organizations, Marchman will guide leadership’s search for a deeper understanding of the purpose that goes beyond passion to establish a solid foundation for success. After helping programs understand their “why”, Marchman will push leadership to incorporate the level of integrity required for building resiliency within any organization and establishing sustainability.

Find out how Marchman Consulting can help you and your organization. Derek is always looking to assist initiatives that desire to make a community impact.

Our Mission

The mission of Marchman Consulting is to inspire organizations to push the potential for making a positive impact on communities based on purpose, governance, innovation, and resiliency resulting in sustained services and opportunities for the citizenry.

Our Vision

Marchman Consulting lives for the organizations with servant leadership that embraces critical thinking and encourages innovation and growth for staff and services to meet a need and inspire a community mantra that anyone and everyone can achieve more.

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